Bagh Chal

Bagh Chal or Tigers and Goats is a fascinating board game that originated in Nepal. With 4 tigers and 20 goats, the aim of the game is to control the board. Either the tigers capture the goats, or the goats encircle the tigers leaving them with no legal move. Legend has it that this game was invented by a Nepalese Princess with the mind of a probability theorist.



Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 cm

Mahogany and 24 pinewood and brass pieces.

Board Size

50 x 50 cm

Peg size

8 x 3 cm

Bagh Chal, the traditional board game re-imagined!

To enhance the experience of this addictive game, Pia’s Bagh Chal is entirely handcrafted in wood and brass by skilled artisans in Nepal. A coppersmith, a woodcarver and a jeweler joined hands to produce this game.

The tigers and goats heads are individually crafted by a jeweller. Carefully cut strips of brass fill the routes of the boards carving a trail to allow stories to unfold with each move. Each of the 25 resting points is embedded with handcrafted chips.

Players will enjoy the design and feel of the pieces as much as the cerebral exercise.

Find the rules here, and get ready to play!